FB post about working women having to do household chores as well is going viral for all the right reasons

Someday, we’ll be able to put an end to patriarchy together, but till then, women will always have to keep working hard and keep getting less credit for the same.

This story shared by Humans of Bombay about a woman who after a long working day is thinking what to make for dinner is going viral for all the right reasons. She says,
I wish just once, I could go home and not have work; that someone would cook for me and pamper me. Why is it that our house work isn’t counted as proper ‘work’? Men work 8 hours a day in the office and every minute is accounted for but most of us middle class women work those 8 hour shifts and many hours after and before at home…but that’s completely undermined. I don’t understand why.
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“I’m thinking about what to cook for dinner once I get home. I’ve had an exhausting week, working long hours — I wish…

Posted by Humans of Bombay on Sunday, March 20, 2016