20 fashion hacks EVERYONE needs to know to rule out any fashion mistakes

To be a fashionable diva is a tough job. And a tough job comes with bigger responsibilities. No matter, how much you try to be all perfect all the time, a stupid zipper or an ugly bra strap can ruin the entire look. To keep all the flaws at bay we have got an awesome list of amazing #fashionhacks which will come to your rescue at all times.

1. Use baby wipes to clean deodorant stains. 

Remove-Deodorant-Stains-Using-baby wipesSource

2. If your shoes are smelly, put a tea bag in them overnight. 


3. Turn your normal bra into a strapless in a few minutes like this.

strapless braSource

4. Make stubborn zippers run smooth by rubbing crayon wax or Vaseline over them. 


5. Get rid of red wine stains in a few seconds with baking. 

how-to-remove-red-wine-stain-with baking sodaSource

6. To avoid wrinkles and creases, turn the jacket inside out before you fold it and pack it.

folding jackets inside outSource

7. Winter tip! Wash all your delicate sweaters in baby shampoo to keep them away from becoming rough or looking no more fluffy.

baby shampoo sweatersSource

8. Prevent blisters by spraying deodorant on the soles of your flats. 


9. Really want to buy the denim jeans you just saw but do not have time to wear it? Wrap the waist of the jeans around your neck and try touching the two ends together around your neck. If you can do this, the jeans is going to fit you.

how to tell your jeans will fit youSource

10. Hang shirts quickly by sticking your hand through them.

hang t shirtsSource

11. Got new shoes but they are a bit tight? Stretch out tight shoes by placing a bag of water in each and leaving them in the freezer overnight.

shoes in freezerSource

12. Remove wrinkles without ironing your clothes. 

remove wrinklesSource

13. De-pill your clothes using a razor. 

de-pill your clothesSource

14. Remove foundation stains with shaving cream. Wash your cloth after covering the stain up with the shaving foam. 

remove foundation stains with shaving creamSource

15. See a thread coming out of your garment. Pull the cloth from the sides.

thread pullSource

16. Use a moisturizer to polish your leather shoes.

polish leather shoes with moisturizerSource

17. Organize your tees this way. 

organise teesSource

18. Get a sparkling pair of new shoes.

make cap toe shoesSource

19. Stay warm in ripped jeans. 

stay warm in ripped jeansSource

20. How to master cuffed sleeves?

fold shirtsSource

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