Facebook banned at work? Soon your employer will allow you to access Facebook at work!

It is obvious companies don’t allow their employees to use Facebook at work. But darling, this is soon going to change! Admitting the fact that Facebook is addictive, it won’t be long when companies will welcome Facebook’s new product ‘Facebook At Work’, meant to be strictly an ‘at work app’ for effective communication with no noise and to hold employee group discussions on it.

‘Facebook At Work’ has 2 key features- the app is going to be a ‘no promotional ad feeding device and will not track your data’. Though right now the App is in the test phase, & is free for the early adopters, but Facebook is likely to offer subscriptions on it. The App has the same usual feel with the same old blue design, NewsFeed section and profiles, etc. Users can log-in by linking their original Facebook account or creating another account for work. The app has released just yesterday to the app stores and is available to a small group.

What do you think about this new Facebook App? Do you think it will have the same growth and glory just like the original Facebook? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Via, News Source