11 things you must know about Ello, the new social network!

If you don’t already know about Ello, too bad! Most internet savvy, creative population is already using the game changing utility.

Ello, the new simple and visually ‘different’ social networking site is up and running for all its members (without any bugs). Does it interest you? Still here? Here’s a list of a few important things you should know about Ello!

1. Simplicity
Ello is based on a simple and beautiful design concept of black and white.

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2. Ello is created by a very small group of artists and designers.
Nothing too fancy about it!


3. The creator of Ello, Paul Budnitz was frustrated with ads on all social networks hence, Ello.
Paul made his ever famous titanium bicycles for himself because he couldn’t find the one that he wanted in the world! The same way he built Ello, a social networking site for his personal use because he couldn’t find one that won’t sell anything to him.


4. Ello is ad free.
Ello became a USA Public Benefit Corporation on October 23, 2014. There is no possibility of seeing ads of any sorts on it. Hurrah!

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5. For creative heads!
Major population on Ello comprises of graphic designers, writers, cartoonists, product designers, travelers, and other creative minds.


6. Ello was first made for private use. The demand to join it went too viral that the designers had to make a public version of it.
This was totally unexpected!


7. People behind Ello think collecting and selling personal data, circulating one’s posts to one’s friends, and mapping the range of social connections for profit is both creepy and unethical.
Hence no one is going to find ways to sell anything on Ello to you.


8. Ello empowers
Ello is simple. You make connections on it, post updates and connect with people who think a social network should only nurture ideas, innovation and build soulful connections.


9. Invitation only
Right now, Ello is playing exclusive so if you like to join, you will have to find a connection that is already on Ello. Your connection can send you a custom invite code or you can request for an invitation.

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10. Still in Beta
Ello is still developing. A lot many things out there have not started functioning yet. So if you have manged to have an account on Ello, stay patient till all the features start functioning.

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11. Ello became a rage among people who left Facebook due to the enforcement of real name policy.
Ello lets people be. Those who couldn’t share their real identities due to their sexual orientation on Facebook wanted to join Ello for it empowers its users and gives them the much needed Freedom.


Join Ello just like we did here https://ello.co/beta-public-profiles

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