Sorabh Pant’s outrage against PM Modi and his foreign trips is brilliant

East India Comedy‘s Outrage is back and it is all about PM Modi. EIC Outrage‘s host Sorabh Pant tells us all about Modi aka the desi Christopher Columbus’ recent international trips, and his big brave acts.

Mark Zuckerberg was pushed.

Mark Zuckerberg was pushed

Satya wiped his hands after shaking hands with Modi! Why?

Satya wiped his hands after shaking hands with Modi

But Modi sometimes does things that a wrong. Like, getting personal…!

Modi getting personal

But what’s the use of it? Because…

you are in the US and winning

And then, comes what he should not have asked for!

is there any accusation on me


In the first year, Modi traveled to 18 countries in 57 days. That is quite a record! But people did try making fun of it. 

making fun of his trips


air india has subsidies

Modi has achieved a lot! Many nations have agreed to make investments in the Indian market. Our relations have improved with many nations including- Bhutan, Nepal, Myanmar, Mauritius, Sri Lanka.

Modi is now friends with many Silicon Valley’s influential CEOs and has made India’s external policies stronger. But what about our own internal matters?

saurabh pant

Watch Sorabh Pant‘s outrage, Modi Abroad, today!

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