10 things he does that make him totally aww-dorable

No matter, how tough your guy is there are few things he does that make him totally adorable and cute in that moment. You want to grab him and kiss him but you also want to enjoy looking at him so you sit there in front of him with a smile planted on your face and he has no clue you are having a great time watching him act so damn sweet. Here are few things a guy does that makes his absolutely lovable.

1. When out of no where he talks about his future with you! You can’t help but smile. 


2. When he knows what you like to eat and orders it himself.


3. When he takes your hand at the sight of a woman walking towards you two so you are not jealous or insecure.

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4. When he tells you, you look beautiful even when you did nothing special to add to your look.

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5. When he cooks you food.


6. When he plays the songs that you two like.


7. When he sings horribly along with the radio to make you laugh. 

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And you are like!

ps i love youSource

8. When he pleads you to come to bed because he can’t sleep without you.


9. When you cuddles you in the middle of the night!


10. When he ties your hair up as you get your hands dirty while doing the dishes. 



If your guy does something that you find really adorable, share it in the comments section.

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