He dug up his father’s grave 30 years after his death! You will never imagine why

What do you do if you are angry and you want to settle things down? You will either call up that person or meet them in person to tell them what you have been keeping in your heart, right? Wrong!

Kentucky man named Michael May, 44 was arrested on Monday night for digging up his father’s grave. Drunk Michael wanted to argue with his father about something important and digging up his grave seemed wise to him!

How bizarre!

Michael’s father was buried in the Pilot Baptist Cemetery near Stanford, in Lincoln County 30 years ago. According to the cemetery registry, 13 people with the last name May were buried in the cemetery.

A man named, Willis Green May was the only one who was died around 30 years ago. However, it has not be clarified that Willis Green May was Michael’s father.

Michael, the angry son who dug up his father’s grave, was intoxicated, and was ‘charged with violating a grave, public intoxication and possession of marijuana’.

We think, he should have thought about arguing with his father’s photo instead!

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