Salman Khan might leave Twitter; here’s everything about what happened last night

For his fans, Salman Khan on Twitter is all about tweets with some deep life meanings. For instance, here are a few life changing, thought provoking tweets by the bhai –


But no, this is not about how intellectual Salman Khan is, God, no. It is about how crazy he went last night. It seems like he took out a year’s frustration in a single night. Check out his rant here –

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I’ll be very honest. I didn’t get most of the tweets. If you do understand them, please explain in the comments section below. Meanwhile. the fans who are mostly used to mindless blabbering of bhai on twitter had a tough time decoding his sensitive tweets yesterday. Have a look:

Aah how much I agree to this; been there, done that. I know the pain.  

While some fans were badly hurt.

Whether he’ll stay or or he’ll leave, we’ll have to wait and watch. Personally, I want him to stay. I find him super entertaining on twitter. His tweets make the others’ look amateur. #Bhaidontgo