Unusual yet striking fusion cover of ‘Diamonds’ and ‘Satrangi Re’ will leave you pleasantly surprised

Vaibhavi Upadhyaya is back with Jaivardhan Verma to bring to us a great fusion cover with two completely different numbers (one Indian and one international) which we could have never imagined to sound so good together.

diamond satrangi

Though it has been years still, India’s legendary music composer, A.R. Rahman is often remembered for his memorable music composition in the Bollywood film, Dil Se. The longest soundtrack in the film, Satrangi Re became everyone’s instant favourite for its unique rhythm and unconventional beats. The artists have decided to take our favourite A.R. Rahman song.

Diamonds with Satrangi Re ss

The other song is Rihanna’s Diamonds, a mid-tempo electronic and pop ballad. Our another favourite!

Diamonds with Satrangi Re

Wondering if the songs will sound good together? Let this video leave you surprised!

Unusual yet striking!

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