Delhi restaurant refuses entry of differently-abled; crowd angry

Who would have imagined that after food (beef), movie (Fifty shades of Grey) and a thought provoking documentary (India’s Daughter) being banned, someone will find oneself banned from entering a restaurant too! Yes, you read it right. When Nipun Malhotra went to an upscale restaurant in one of the malls in Delhi, he was not allowed to enter it for he is disabled. To have a great time on Holi, one can be expected to go to a restaurant to celebrate however, Nipun’s Holi celebration did not go as planned. Nipun has Arthrogryposis, so his actions are confined due to the slow muscle growth in the limbs.

4 security guards stopped Nipun from entering the restaurant with the reason that he was disabled.

Nipun Malhtra tweet

After many of Nipun’s friend retweeted and tweeted about the issue, people developed a hashtag to talk about the issues faced by differently-abled individuals and reached some of the influential people around the country.

derek o'brien

vishal dadlani

Delhi social activist, Tajinder Bagga spoke to media and shared the incident with them.

tajinder bagga

Nipun was also interviewed by popular NEWS channels to speak about the incident and the challenges faced by differently-abled people.

nipun on tv

After the incident had picked up support from many people and Keya had lost all its fame, came the the time for Keya to apologize to Nipun. Though, the restaurant did apologize but the kind of damage the incident has done to their reputation not well-learned and educated will choose to hit the restaurant ever.

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