Delhi kids become heroes after catching the man who attacked an Uzbek women

Delhi’s Malviya Nagar’s teenage group of football enthusiasts, Malviya Nagar Maniacs have been chasing the ball all there years in a park in their locality. The die-hard fans of football showed great courage when it came down to chasing a mobile-snatcher.

The boys were playing in the park when they heard a woman screaming on the road. They jumped the park’s walls to find out a foreigner crying at the corner of the street and a man running away from her. The boys sensed something wrong had happened and ran behind the man bare-feet. “The man was like a ‘goal’ that had to be scored.” told Arun Singh Rajput one of the members of Malviya Nagar Maniacs.

The CCTV camera installed on the street shows the entire scene. The guy following the Uzbek woman, and then, running towards her to snatch her phone and even attacking her when she resisted.

“We were playing in the park when we heard a scream. We rushed towards the sound. We saw a foreigner, who was all teary, and then a man running towards Apeejay School. We sensed something was wrong.” Sarthak Sharma, a class XII student of LBS School R K Puram told TOI. This incident happened on 19th August at 10 pm.

Sarthak Sharma, a class XII student of LBS School R K Puram, was the first to jump. Arun Singh Rajput, a class XII student of St Paul’s School, Japneet, a second-year-student of Shaheed Bhagat Singh College and Aayush Joshi, a class XII student too followed him.

“We were discussing where he could have gone when we saw him hiding behind a car. As we approached near him, he confidently came out as if he hadn’t done anything. But we recognized him,” Japneet said. The boys gave the assaulter a few blows, and dragged him back to the spot of the incident where the police was present already.

Here is the footage of the entire incident.

The woman attacked had come to India 3 months ago on a business trip. She was staying with a friend in Malviya Nagar. She was returning from a meeting when the incident happened.

The area RWA president, Sanjiv Rao who uploaded the video on YouTube, said that the woman was so scared that she went inside her house and switched off the lights. The friend with whom she was staying got a complaint registered on her behalf.

“She is scared and doesn’t want to step out alone after dusk. She has asked me to get her tickets booked for Uzbekistan. It was her first visit to India and I am embarrassed with whatever happened with her,” the friend said.


News Source: Times of India