Plus-size woman does hatha yoga; inspires people with her pictures

When you look at a plus size woman, the first thought you have on your mind is “I wonder, if she works out! How can one be so fat?” It is high time we all get our facts right first! A plus size women can be completely flexible and capable of performing the toughest yoga poses. Yoga has nothing to do with size. It has to do with body and soul. 28-year-old yogini from San Jose, California, Valerie Sagun has been practicing hatha yoga for the past four years. Due to her big size she felt it was needed for people to realize body shaming is not something that can put a plus size woman’s confidence down. So, she began posting her pictures performing asanas on Tumblr.  “By being a curvy woman of color, I get to show a lot of underrepresented people that they are capable of anything.” After her Tumblr blog gained popularity and it reached 10,000 followers milestone, her fans requested her to come on Instagram. Valerie has been putting up her pictures on Instagram since one and a half years and has been slamming people who think slim bodies are the only perfect bodies. Valarie is an inspiration for people with different body types. She sends them a great message: To love their body. People are getting motivated to come out and do whatever they want without being ashamed of their body and its size.

“At first, I only did Tumblr,” Sagun told BuzzFeed Life. “But when I got to 10,000 followers and people asked me to join Instagram, I decided to go for it.”

1. We bet, you never thought a big girl could do THIS.

I cropped it out, but I definitely could only get on the wheel using my chair as support of my hands.

2. And this too!Beating the California heat, at the beach, mermaid style

“I’ve never really felt self-conscious about my body during yoga classes,” Sagun says. “For me, yoga is all about the mind and positive thinking. I get anxiety and depression, and practicing has helped me through that.”

3. Here’s Valarie killing all the stereotypes one at a time. 

big gal yoga

4. Have you seen someone do perfect headstands like her?

big gal yoga headstand

5. Valerie is one power girl!

Yoga Wheel challenge

6. Whoa!

theperfectbody project to rebuttal Victoria's Secret The Perfect Body.

7.  So when  do you plan to join yoga classes you always wanted to go to but couldn’t because you thought people will find you odd looking?

Reclined Spinal Twist. I always love a good twist.

8. Stunning!

Hollowback or leg lifts for today's pose

9. She is a star!

Enjoying my Bakasana practice. I don't practice it all the time, but my comfort level and progress of this pose have come a long way.

10. BTW, besides her infectious confidence, we love her yoga wardrobe too, specially those leggings! <3

Happy that I actually got up on the wheel without holding onto anything

Way to go Big Gal Yoga! More power to you.

All images sourced from Instagram/biggalyoga/