These brave Dehradun twins became the first siblings to conquer the 2 poles and 7 summits

This should be carved in the history. Something great happened on the 21st of April. This is the amazing story of the brave twins of Dehradun – Nungshi Malik and Tashi Malik, both of them 23 years old. These girls became the first South Asians to scale both the North and South Pole on skis by planting the Indian flag on the North Pole before the dawn of 21st April! Interestingly, they also beat the men to the feat in doing so.

Here are some pictures and facts from their multiple expeditions:

Dehradun twins (1)

Dehradun twins (2)

These twins are also the first siblings to have climbed the Seven Summits. They had conquered Antarctica in December. This combined with the polar climb has made them the youngest women to have completed the Adventurers Grand Slam.

Dehradun twins (3)

Dehradun twins (4)

Needless to say, their dad is one proud man. A retired Colonel himself, in an interview with The Times Of India, he said that his daughters had left for the North Pole on the 15th of this month and that they had achieved the summit at 5 am. Striving in temperatures as difficult as minus 30 deg C, the sisters had to melt ice to make water. Not only that, cooking food had become extremely difficult so they had special packaged meals.

Dehradun twins (5)

Dehradun twins (6)

Dehradun twins (7)

Dehradun twins (8)

The good news is that the New Zealand government has granted them a sports scholarship. Hence, they will now head to New Zealand.

Dehradun twins (10)

Dehradun twins (11)

DD twins

These brave sisters have conquered the following seven tallest peaks in seven continents:

  • Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa
  • Mt. Everest in Asia
  • Mt. Elbrus in Europe
  • Mt. Aconcagua in South America
  • Mt. Carstenz Pyramid in Papua New Guinea
  • Mt. McKinley in North America
  • Mt. Vinson Massif in Antarctica


The news and all the images have been sourced from IndiaTimes