#ItsNotADateIf: 15 funny tweets that tell when the meetup you planned is not a date

Sometimes, simplest of the invitations for ‘eating out at a diner’ could go mistaken for a date. Gosh! Remember, when you dressed up your best to meet your special friend to later find out that they never thought anything special about that evening? Ouch! Signs can misunderstood and to help you figure out if it is a date or not, twitterati is tweeting about #ItsNotADateIf. Here are 15 tweets which you should read to never mistake a lunch party for a date lunch.

1. Beware of the wrath of Sajid Khan movies!


 2. She is in love with her ex! Alert! Friend-zone ahead.

3. Carry your wallet always!

4. Engineers have no scope!

5.  If she did not think of shaving her underarms for you, she did not think it was a date. 

6. “The bill was just too much! Never going to that bar, again.”

7. *Splash water on his face saying, “You can do this!”

8. Never mix pleasure with business!

9. If they are not fun!

10. Yoga pants are sexy only on Instagram, in the park or a yoga center. 

11. He likes you, but he will never go on a date with you. 

12. Foodgasm can be the meanest thing ever!

13. When they haven’t given you a specific date!

14. When this tragedy happens…

15. Definitely, not date!

We hope this helps! :P