Here is an accurate video of things that happen when your dad is on Facebook

This hilarious video sums up that our parents are the sweetest people when they go out of their comfort zone to try their hands at technology. This innocent dad trying to use Facebook with the help of his daughter is funny to watch.

Here are some of the Tech Conversation dialogues-

Do do comments kar chuka hun, lekin sirf teri maa ka hi like aya. Thoda acha sa comment bata jispe likes miley

Arey aise kaise comment copy karlu, Saala hai woh mera, woh muje copy karta hai, copy karke society to kya muh dikhaunga?

Ye kaisa rahega LOL, Lots of love, Itna bhi nai pata?”

Sahi dikhaya tha Baghbaan main Amit ji ne, woh toh sahi time pe Salmaan aagya, nai toh…