8 calamities that hit India which the Military Forces bravely took care of

Apart from their primary task of handling nation’s security at the borders, our proud military force men (all of them from Army, Air Force and even Navy) also make their active involvement in secondary services like chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear as well as natural calamities.

So respecting their duties towards us (so that we can sit here peacefully and read stuffs like this!) and paying tribute to those who even lost their lives in these ventures, I would like to share some calamities where without military help we could have been in a real SHIT!! Situation.

1. Odisha Cyclone – Phailin – 1999

In 1999, it took lives of more than 15,000 people. The military forces helped saving lives and clearing the paths. This had a deep impact on the people and government that when another such warning came in 2013, the army and disaster management team were ready with loads of help to evacuate people.

Cyclone PhailinSource

2. Indian Ocean Tsunami – 2004

The south Indian states were taken by it and the people were horrified when Tsunami hit at midnight. Over night the military forces straight to action were ordered to come to help bothering about anything else.

Officers of the Indian army carry debrisSource

3. Bihar flood – 2007

A huge capita loss for the state occurred with these floods in the rage. Even here the Army helicopters and relief arrangements saved lives of many individuals who were attacked mentally as well as physically by this calamity.


4. The attacks of 26/11 – 2008

Apart from natural calamities, man-made calamities are also not an exception. From where these brave hearts would escape? They fulfill their duty and protect us from these man-made or rather man-developed calamities. During the attacks of 26/11, the army and the police very bravely fought for the nation.

Here are the people who lost their lives for saving us:

From left to right:
Ashok Kamte, Additional Commissioner, Mumbai Police, East region
Gajendra Singh, Commando, NSG
Sandeep Unnikrishnan, Major, NSG
Vijay Salaskar, Inspector, Mumbai Police
Tukaram Omble, Assistant Sub Inspector, Mumbai Police
Hemant Karkare, ATS Chief, Mumbai Police

people who saved us from mumbai terrorist attack

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5. Ladakh flash floods – 2010
The heavy night rain pour resulted into a flood wherein our army soldiers actively helped rescuing the people who where in need.


6. Uttrakhand Flood – 2013

Heavy rain fall caused floods which resulted into more than 5000 people’s deaths and some are still missing till today. Most of them had lost their lives while on a pilgrimage to Kashi. The army operation named Operation Surya Hope was active at the spot. Beneath is the bridge that was built by them in just less than 2 days.

floods Army bridge_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0Source

7. Cyclone Hudhud -2014

This cyclone, after impacting its effect in Nepal with an avalanche was about to hit Odisha and Andra Pradesh. The reason I mentioned this as it was a recent calamity on the charts and before it affected us with taking away more lives, military actions had already proved themselves by evacuation, relief camps and other safety measures.

BzzFJSnCEAAWOW9.jpg smallSource

8. Jammu Kashmir Flood – 2014

A disastrous flood hit J&K on 24th Sept, 2014. Indian army and Air Force using their wits and equipments had proved yet again how much they care for the national properties as well as the people. With 82 helicopters and 300 boats, they plunged in to help people there.



This is not it!! These are just some of the archives that are starred in the history of Indian Military Forces, but there had been a hell lot in the past and surely they are the ones who will be of a help in the shining armor even before the government, for the innocent people in distress in the future as well. (God forbid we don’t wanna see such calamities more in future, still!!)  We should really be proud of such militants no matter wherever we belong to.