Couple fighting over who commented what on a cute picture is the most epic thing you will see today

Every relationship has one person who is more possessive and jealous than the other. Some relationships thrive even though one of them is more jealous than the other but some people just do not stay together.

When Marc commented on a beautiful picture, his jealous girlfriend, Taylor couldn’t stop herself from reacting and commented “WTF” right below his comment. The couple carried on fighting on Instagram until the one who made Taylor jealous commented on the picture. This is one hilarious fight over a crazy reason ever.

This is how it began!

screen shot 1


That was just a simple comment below a dolphin’s picture. But!


screenshot 2


And the fight grew!


screenshot 3

Yes, she is a bit crazy. We told you.

screenshot 4


She knew he was cheating on her with a whale and caught him red handed.

screenshot 5


What had to be done, had to be done. So she threw his stuff out of their house.

screenshot 6


He tried to calm her down.

screen shot 7


But did not succeed.

screenshot 8



Looks like, Marc ‘s punishment for what he did is to be single as he has no lady luck with him anymore.