Woot! This 10-year-old boy fulfilled his dream of becoming the Jaipur police commissioner for a day

All dreams come true! When 10-year-old Girish Sharma was asked what he wants to become as he grows old, he’d say ‘police commissioner‘. Studying in standard III, Girish’s wish was granted and he became the first youngest Jaipur Police Commissioner for a day!

“A social organisation – Make-a-wish foundation – told us  about the boy, who suffers a serious kidney ailment. He wants to become a police officer. The organisation requested to make him feel like a CP for a day. The wish was fulfilled today,” Police Commissioner Janga Srinivas Rao said. Girish comes from Haryana and is admitted to a local hospital in Jaipur.

The day was perfect! Girish donned an IPS officer’s uniform, police officers saluted him as he entered his chamber, signed important documents, had a guard of honour and went to a local police station to know how police function.

When as asked how he felt, Girish said, “It felt nice. I want to catch thieves because they do wrong to the society”

Make-a-wish foundation works to fulfill wishes of children who suffer from chronic illness to give them joy and assist in their medical treatment.