15 chocolate GIFs to deal with these real life crisis

Let’s just face it, life ain’t easy. Everyone goes through a struggle each day. Be it struggling with targets at work, or struggling with grades at school. We all have it, one way or the other.

We can’t really skip those situations, tbh, but what we could actually do is divert our minds for a bit to something else. Something sweet…something delicious…something yummy…something that would give you a foodgasm…something chocolaty…oh wait, yes, chocolates!

Let these super awesome, drool worthy chocolate GIFs take away your pain while you struggle with your life!


1. These hazelnuts falling in molten chocolate sea when your boss wants you to work till late.



2. This molten chocolate that is landing so swiftly, when your mom asks you to keep your room clean.



3. The kind of a mug you’d want to cuddle, when you’re upset with bae. 



4. This chocolate icing when you’re struggling to lose weight but aren’t really succeeding at it.



5. This KitKat, when you desperately need a break from your school.



6. This chocolate layering on a cake when your parents say, “beta, shaadi karlo.”



7. These chocolate chips falling so perfectly when someone asks you to use Fair & Lovely.



8. This Strawberry dipped in chocolate when you realize you missed your regular bus to work. 



9. This chocolate sauce being poured to perfection when she says, “you’re the only friend I have; I don’t see you that way.”



10. And this chocolate sauce that reminds you of love when all the Instagram filters too won’t make your selfie look perfect.



11. This chocolate being beaten when you see everyone on your FB getting married. 



12. This smooth chocolate getting scooped when you have no idea what to do with life, after becoming an Engineer. 



13. This chocolate chip cookie when you see back to back bans in your country, but the stupid Board Exams still exist. 




14. This chocolate being decorated with chocolate sauce when you see an empty seat in the Metro immediately taken by someone else. 



15. And finally, a collection of the best of chocolates that you can imagine, when someone says, “that dress makes you look fat.”



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