Chinese man’s last wish fulfilled; got cremated with life savings of $33,000

There is bizarre and then there is this! A Chinese man was cremated along with his entire life savings of $33,000, and this was because it was last wish that the money should be burnt along with him instead of giving it to his two sons who neglected him.

The Times Of India reported that a farmer with the last name Tao from east China’s Jiangsu province had stated in his will that his entire life savings be burned with his body upon his death. The reason behind this was his anger and frustration over his sons unwillingness to take care of him.

Yang Lin, an employee at a local crematory on Thursday informed the local media that he saw a bizarre spectacle of cremating a body months ago with “thousands in cash burning inside the furnace along with the body”, state-run CCTV reported.

The story is that ten years ago, Tao gave his farm to his two sons and moved away from the countryside to rent a small house and make a living by picking up waste in the city. Due to his age, Tao felt that he could not handle the heavy workload anymore and sought his sons’ help, hoping that he could spend the rest of his life with either one of them. But both of his sons turned down his request with different excuses, the report said.

His neighbors said that he was aware of last days and so Tao had even dressed in traditional mourning clothes. Tao died in his rented home. After his death, his sons transferred the body to the crematory.

As they were waiting outside, a mysterious man fulfilled Tao’s last wish by burning his entire savings of 210,000 yuan ($33,052), along with his body.

We must say, he made a right choice! The sons deserved it.

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News information is sourced from The Times Of India