Chetan Bhagat to judge a reality dance show; Twitterati reacts

The author, Chetan Bhagat is now a popular personality in the media and Bollywood circuit. Chetan has gained much popularity after all of his consecutive books started to get made into films and recognized as popular Bollywood hit movies. Here’s a bittersweet news for you. Do you think Chetan knows anything about dance? Let the horror strike! Yes, the news is as scary and as shocking as it can be. You will not believe what Chetan Bhagat announced yesterday! Let us break the news to you. The author is going to be judging the new season of the reality dance show, Nach Balliye on Star Plus channel. Yes, we said it and it is true.

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Here’s what the writer wrote on his Facebook handle-

Hi All,
Happy to share that I shall be one of the judges for the new season of Nach Baliye on StarPlus.

Well, I am no dance expert! However, the show format has changed and apart from dance, there will be a lot of emphasis on couple chemistry, compatibility and team work. I will be focusing more on the latter parts. Also, as a motivation speaker, I hope I will be able to inspire the participants as well.

The main reason for me to do this was to reach deeper into India, as one of my goals is to touch as many Indians as possible in my lifetime. The more people I reach, the more people I can influence towards positive change. As one of the biggest shows on Indian television, Nach Baliye provided that opportunity.

Apart from that, I am also more involved in films now, where apart from storytelling, song and dance forms a big part. Being familiar with those forms will only help me get better as far as films are concerned. Finally, the show is a lot of fun and it is about time I took myself less seriously.

Yes, it is a risk. It could really work or I could end up making a fool of myself. And that is a little scary. However, in almost all my talks, I tell people to take risks. If I don’t do the same myself, I won’t be being true to my word.

Of course, like always, I will need and count on your support.

So, keep getting inspired, keep taking risks and yes, keep dancing!

Chetan Bhagat.


Of course, the overly active twitter population went berserk with this hard to digest news- A writer of rubbish books judging a reality dance show. BULLOCKS!

1. Why you no write, Chetan?

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2. Book writers have an image. 

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3. Jack of all trades master of none vs. Paisa Paisa

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4. Kamal R Khan can never be away from anything new. The man did not create any drama, surprisingly. 

tweet to chetan 2haha! 

5. Karan Johar is a better choice!tweet to chetan 5

6. Sarcasm strikes!

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7. Makes sense!

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It is both funny and shocking that people could decide upon offering a writer to judge a reality dance show. We wonder how things will shape up on the show.

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