How to change the default browsing app on your iPhone and iPad

Whenever you click a link from Facebook, WhatsApp, or your Email, your default browsing app Safari opens up and takes you to the website you’ve clicked. While a lot of people love the Safari browser on the iPhone and iPad there are some who hate it and others are just bored because they’ve been using it for a long time. However, with the introduction of iOS 14, Apple finally allows its users to choose their default apps on their device which means that you can change your default browser.

Now whether it’s Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera any browser you like can be set as your default browser if you have upgraded to iOS 14 or iPad OS 14. Hence, in this guide, we are going to show you How to change the default browsing app on your iPhone and iPad. Without waiting further, let’s get started.

How to change the default browsing app on your iPhone and iPad

Step 1: Open the Settings App on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2: Once you are in the Settings menu, scroll down to the bottom, and find the third party app that you want to set as the default app on your iPhone or iPad. Once you find the app tap on it to enter the browser-related settings.

Step 3: If your browser is updated, you’ll find a Default Browser App option in the app settings. Tap on it to continue with the process. 

Step 4: Now, select your favorite third party browser instead of safari and hit the back button to save your settings.

Have a look at the screenshots below to see how it’s done.

That’s it. Doing this will change your default browser on your iPhone and iPad and once this is done every link you click on will be opened by the browser which is set as default by you. Do note that, if you delete your default browser, the position will be taken back by Safari. With the new iOS 14, users can also change their default email app and more by following the same method.

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