This Diwali, stand for the cause of humanity by celebrating it in these simple ways!

Diwali is at the corner, while people are busy preparing for the celebrations, the world would love watching the second largest populated country lighting diyas, sharing snacks and sweets, wishing a Hindu Happy New Year, brightness curbing the darkness message, the beautiful sky with colorful crac…wait I apologize. The world will NOT be happy  to see us contributing to our environment in reverse. Complicated? Not, I guess. Let’s read the points below on a serious note and introduce them in our lives.

1. According to World Band Report of May 2014, the world had 872.3 million people below the new poverty line, of which 179.6 million people lived in India. In other words, India is 17.5% of total world’s population.

So please, if not on many, you can bring a smile on at least a few people’s face and a little assistance to their struggling lives by just sharing clothes, food and the other necessities.



Once you do this, Happiness would lead you. That’s Karma!

2. Diwali is celebrated because Lord Rama arrived back to Ayodhya after 14 years. People lightened handmade diyas to show their faith in brightness that curbed darkness referred to Ravana, the evil. There were no crackers at that time, so why are we being a part of something which hampers our own living?

You are polluting the air we breathe; you create a noise pollution that harms every living thing, including you.

Diwali festival-crackers-air pollutionSource


The thousands of money you spent on crackers might be yours but you have no complete right on the natural resources.

3. By using crackers you are promoting child labor. Thousands of children are forced to work in firework factories to manufacture the crackers you buy for your kid! They are also kids, but the difference is they work in midst of health alarming hazards. These kids play with chemicals to get money worth one time meal, while your kids burst those crackers in a second causing so many disadvantages.

Child labour, Diwali, crackersSource


You can be someones well wisher on the earth. Instead of buying crackers, buy food for someone who is hungry; buy clothes for someone who is naked on the streets. Show humanity!

Watch this truth:

4. Use diyas made of earthen soil and save electricity. This is the real way of celebrating Diwali. By buying fancy candles and electronics that are made in China, we import more stuff into the country. As our Prime minister has launched ‘Make in India’ concept, why not adopt it?

Green DiwaliSource


Today, you and your family will follow these green ways to celebrate Diwali, next year there would be many to join you. The initiation is important!

5. By the loud voices that come from crackers, it’s not only us who are being affected but also the infants, pregnant women, senior citizens and moreover those speechless animals who cannot even complain or take any action. We know what we humans do to them, right?



Planet earth is a home for everybody and that includes all the living beings – from micro organisms to super giant whales!

6. Today, the world is fighting with pandemic viruses like Ebola, famine, landslides, tornadoes, earth quakes, volcano eruptions, snowstorm, avalanche and what all we might not even be aware of. Are these hints from Mother Nature not enough for us? Being the 2nd most populated country in the world with 80% Hindus, we celebrate Diwali on a wider note. Imagine to what level we are polluting our environment which is essential for our survival. We are adding more to the global warming.

From a report, it is estimated that pollution level in Diwali goes up by 30%



All you need to do is go green. Celebrate a Happy Green Diwali :)

See, It seems difficult, but in reality it is not. I am sure you all would incorporate these simple but very important Diwali celebrations. Of course, do not forget to share this article with your family and friends but before that, do watch this effective video with a message by Old Delhi Films.

Let’s pass the message of humanity this Diwali. Have a happy and a safe Diwali :)