You can keep your Facebook account active after you die- Facebook adds a new feature

We don’t know if it is a good feature that Facebook has added or not; but all we know is it might change the whole for the ones who love you. The social network has added a new feature to your Facebook account which let’s you assign someone from your friends to access your Facebook account when you die and keep you alive at least on social media. The feature is called Legacy Contact which has been added to your Facebook account’s security settings menu. You select a friend who will be able to access your profile and header image and a few more areas after you die. Users can also choose to shut their accounts after their own demise.

Facebook has a memorialization system through which your friends can inform about your passing away and can have your account closed. Facebook verifies the death and then turns the account memorialized. These accounts won’t appear as suggestions to anyone. Legacy contact feature

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After an account turns memorialized, a Legacy Contact (your chosen friend) will be able to pin posts on the page, respond to your friend requests and control the profile and header image on an account.Keeping your information private Legacy Contact will not be able to see your messages or change any other settings. You will also see ‘remembering’  header on the top of the name of the account too so people know that the account is memorialized. Legacy-Contact_Timeline

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The feature is available to the users in the US now however, it will soon be added to all the Facebook accounts.