Honour Killing: Brothers chopped their sister’s head off; walked around the village displaying it

A case of honour killing! Homicide of their very own 17-year-old sister for falling in love with her cousin was reported by TOI, yesterday. Gul Hasan, 25, and his brother Nanhey, 20, when found out that their little sister was in a love relationship with her cousin, dragged her home, and chopped her head off with a chopper on Monday. Later, they paraded around the streets of their village, Bamani Chowki in Shahjhanapur district with her head in their hand, shouting, “Dekho, hamne apni behen ko maar dala aur pyar karney ki yehi sazaa hoti hai” meaning, this is the punishment for falling in love.

Phool Jahan had earlier told her family her desire to marry him however, her brothers were against her marriage to the cousin. They had warned her to stay away from her cousin.

The incident happened when Phool Jahan was spotted outside her cousin’s house by her two brothers on Monday afternoon. She had spent the night with her cousin. Filled with rage at this situation, they dragged her home and killed by chopping her head off.


Source: The Times Of India

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