See how this brilliant Korean billboard ad turns you into a superhero!

When you take a look at this Korean ad against child abuse, you won’t find anything interesting.


Informational, nothing too great, right?

As you scroll below you will see that the viewer of this billboard becomes a part of this ad! Scroll below to see.

man standing in front of anti childabuse adSource

Yes, you got it right! This billboard ad turns you into the person holding the most important role in situation between the child and his abuser. A Superhero, the one who saves life!

anti-child-abuse-ad-woman in between the abuser and childSource

anti-child-abuse-ad- be a super heroSource

This brilliant ad reminds each viewer that they could turn every wrong situation in the life of a child into the right one by taking ownership to help by dialing the child abuse helpline number 112.

Do you think we should have something like this in our cities too?

Do you know we have a CHILDLINE number 1098 (HOPE) to report child abuse cases for young girls and boys? Now, it is time you become a superhero!