Brave school boy of age 9 helps avoiding a train disaster; gets just 500 Rupees as a reward

Bravery has no age.

A 9 year-old brave school boy saved hundreds of lives today. When Siddesh discovered fractured tracks near the railway line in Avaragere village, on the outskirts of Davanagere city and realized that this could be a threat to hundreds of lives, he took it as his responsibility to help the passengers in danger.

Siddhesh informed TOI that when he had gone around the tracks to answer nature’s call, he realized that the passing trains made a different noise, totally out of their usual routine. When he went forward to check the tracks, he discovered the perilous fracture. “I was worried on seeing the fracture and rushed to tell my father about it.” 

His father, Manjunath, who owns a small hotel 50 yards away from the railway line, first did not take the news seriously, but did realize the gravity of the problem once Siddhesh took him to the sight.

Siddesh tried alerting the appraching train by flagging his red t shirt on a stick and saved the passengers in the train. “Our son stood on the track waving his red T-shirt wrapped around a stick at the train from Hubli to Chitradurga (Hubli-Chitradurga passenger) at 7.30 am,” Siddesh’ mother.

The average student of 9, Siddesh has become a hero for everyone in his village including his School headmistress.

Authorities have informed that tracks sometimes give way around the arrival of summer and will get the track repaired ASAP. The passengers in the train and the witnesses of the sight have demanded to give Siddesh a bravery award.

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