5-year-old boy beheaded and sacrificed in a witchcraft ritual in AP

5-year-old minor loses his life in a suspected human-sacrifice. A man was reported to perform a witchcraft-related ritual in Andhra Pradesh that involved sacrifice of the 5-year old.

The accused, Tirumala Rao took the boy from a child education center to his house to perform the rituals. As a part of the ritual, he cut the boys head and sprinkled the blood around his house.  The murder happened in Pokuru village of Andhra Pradesh under Voletivaripalem mandal.

The incident came into light when the kid’s mother could not find her son around. When enquired the people, she was told her son was last seen with the murderer.

She took a group of people along with her to find her son. Seeing the house locked from outside, they all broke the door and barged in. What they discovered was a gory and heartbreaking sight.

The locals to their matter into their hands and set Rao ablaze tied to a pole.

“Villagers launched a search for Rao and managed to get hold of him. They tied him to a pole, thrashed and set him ablaze after pouring kerosene,” police said.

The police entered the scene and took Rao to the nearby local hospital.

News source: Tehelka

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