This video mocks every messed up Bollywood couple of the most iconic movies and it is hilarious AF

So we know that couples or marriage counseling is offered to support people in relationship who may be considering separation or seeking improved intimacy and understanding. In couples therapy, since the relationship is the focus, it might get a little tough at times for the people involved.

But who’d have thought of a genius idea like SnG Comedy did? The gathered all the fucked up Bollywood couples to get into the therapy because of their fucked up relationships, because let’s just admit it, given the kind of messed up people that they were.

Since none of those ‘iconic’ Bollywood movies bothered to show what happened after those ‘happy endings’, the good guys at SnG Comedy took the matter into their hands and showed us what must have happened. Yes, you guessed it right – all the happy couples ended in couple therapies. Meet the couples:

Bollywood Couples Therapy (1)\\Bollywood Couples Therapy (2)
Bollywood Couples Therapy (3)

Bollywood Couples Therapy (4)

Bollywood Couples Therapy (5)


Bollywood Couples Therapy (6)

In case you didn’t already guess it, they obviously got Kanan to play Salman’s part!

Bollywood Couples Therapy (7)

Here’s the gem that the video is: