Why the all new BMW 7 Series is truly the Future of Luxury

The much anticipated, all-new BMW 7 Series was unveiled by the cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar at the Auto Expo 2016. In his own words, here’s what he felt about the same:

Last time I was here, it blew my mind. This time, especially because of the BMW 7 series, I am left speechless. I think this is the future of luxury.


Every BMW model so far has always been magical and irresistible, but the power packed features that BMW 7 series models have brought along clearly make its the best and the most luxurious one, so far. Here are the 5 features which makes us believe so:

1. BMW LaserLight – headlamp technology that gives nighttime visbility up to 600 meteres in full beam mode. Imagine being able to see more than half a kilometer away at night!

2. Gesture Control – Simply control your cars through gestures. Flash your fingers to activate/deactivate features, turn up the volume by rotating your hand by the wrist, the works
3. Carbon Core – A shell made of carbon and steel, making the car 130 kgs lighters. That’s a pig lost! Phew!

4. SkyLounge – 15,000 LEDs in the panoramic sunroof that give you 6 hues of light. Add to that a fragrance package with 8 options and our heart is yours BMW

5. Control Panel – A tablet based control panel in the rear armrest, that can activate and adjust seats, massagers, lighting options, music etc.


These ground-breaking innovative technologies are a first in the automotive world! It may not be a stretch to say the all new 7 series has truly impressed us. So much so we believe BMW is all set to own the segment this year.

The BMW Touch Command represents the first time that a tablet has been integrated into a BMW vehicle. For your convenience, you can use it to control numerous car functions including the ones which belong to the realms of comfort and entertainment.

The BMW 7 Series has its availability in two distinct design schemes – M Sport and Design Pure Excellence. Where on one hand M Sport celebrates the sporty styling and interiors, Design Pure Excellence indulges you to move in style with elegant contours and luxurious features.

Check out the video with Sachin Tendulkar professing his love for the 6th edition of the mighty 7 series.