Creative biology teacher strips off her clothes to teach her students

There is a teacher in a school in Netherlands who decided to teach her students in a very creative way. Debby Heerkens teaches Biology to her students in Groene Hart Rijnwoude school. The Biology teacher has been conducting a unique class for her students. The teacher strips off her clothes to reveal a full body spandex body suit with muscles and organs accurately printed on it.

debby heerkens biology class

When she strips this layer down, she reveals another body suit in black with all her bones.

debby heerkens skeleton suit

Debby Heerkens came up with this creative idea to teach her students, when she saw a woman wearing the same pair of leggings. She looked them up online and bought a similar pair for herself. She approached the school’s director to seek his permission to conduct such a class. debby heerkens gif

The students found her class very educative and are looking forward to know when she can conduct another lesson. Watch this cool teacher revealing the mind-blowing body suit to her students.