10 essential bar etiquette to be your bartender’s best guest

More people now hit the bars than ever but, not everyone knows how to deal with the bartender or the other people drinking around them. These 10 essential bar etiquette tips will help you make a good impression on everyone around you, even that good looker sitting next to you.

Here’s how you can become your bartender’s best guest.

1. To get bartender’s attention never-ever snap your fingers or clap or shout “chief”. You will end up becoming an object of hate for the bartender and mockery for the other guests.

1. To get bartender's attention never-ever snap your fingers or clap


2. If you are thinking of doing an intimate conversation with a friend at a bar, do not take them to a popular pub and sit at the bar. People would want you to get up soon so that they could lean over at the bar and have a good time too. Take your friend to a less crowded bar so you can chat for as long as you can without people waiting for you to get up and leave.



3. Stand right in front of the bartender and order. Do not stand 10 feet away and shout.Handsome bartender making cocktails for beautiful women in a cla


4. Look square into the eyes of the bartender so you can get his attention and order your drink.

at the bar


5. Don’t stand at the bar after you have gotten your drink. Let others come and order. A bartender stands behind the counter to serve.

dont stand at the bar after you have gotten your drink


6. Tip on free drinks. Be a little generous. I know you are not! But try to be one.tipping-in-a-bar


7. Never order wine! Men, do you hear me? Wine is for dinners, women and fancy restaurants not for a bar. A bar is a place where “manly” men have a good time being men.



8. Some people do go to the bar to meet like minded people. Though in India being approached by a stranger is mostly greeted with an unwelcoming forced smile, but you could be better. People and their lifestyle are changing, more people are open enough to strike a conversation with strangers now. So if someone approaches you to talk to you, just talk with an open mind. DO NOT CRINGE YOUR NOSE. Not everyone is coming to have a one-night stand and even if they are, you are free to say a no if you don’t want to have one, right?



9. So you saw a gorgeous lady at the bar. Tell the bartender to ask her if she would like you to buy her a drink. Do not just buy the drink and force it into her mouth. Do not even think of taking it to her too. Just stay where you are, take permission and then make the move.



10. If you find a really nice looking person at the bar and you like to get to know them a bit and talk to them, just do it. But remember to not force yourself on them. That is a BIG turn off and you might just lose the chance to know that person.



Hope this helps! Tell me if asking he lady to buy the drink worked for you. ;)

Happy drinking!