14 reasons why Ana Steele from the Fifty Shades of Grey is the ultimate Indian sanskaari bahu

After the back to back bans in India by the Government, we hardly have anything on the table to keep us entertained. No seriously, after all those bans, the much awaited Fifty Shades of Grey movie is also banned in India followed by a delay in its original release date.

But I happened to read all the 3 books of the Grey trilogy – Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty  Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed. From what I read, I understood one thing, if not anything else – Anastasia Steele is the perfect ‘bahu material‘ for the Indian culture. Don’t believe? Read on!

1. She’s a kanya, a virgin. ML Sharma, you listening? What’s more, she hasn’t even been kissed, ever.


2. She does what her guy asks her to do, without any questions.

does as he pleases

3. She treasures family ties. When Grey runs his hand over her leg in front of his family on the dining table, she gives him a nasty look.

nasty look

4. She was quickly liked by Grey’s mother even when she looked completely wasted with disheveled hair!

anastasia steele meets grey's mom

5. She doesn’t drink or smoke. Only when she does, she goes out of control because she’s obviously not used to it.


6. She gets up in the morning while Grey is asleep and makes breakfast for him.

anastasia cooks for grey

7. He ties her and exercises control, the poor thing doesn’t even move or utter a word.


8. When having sex with him, she ties her hair as Grey wants – plaited and doesn’t let them open. Because good girls don’t keep their hair open!

ties her

9. She has no idea what the fuck BDSM is all about. Still, she accepted to be a sub in their BDSM relationship, exactly how the society expects all women to be – A SUB!


10. She almost stops being in touch with her male friends and reduces contact with her female friends too; whereas Grey is friends as well as business partner with the woman (Mrs. Robinson) who sexually dominated him as a child for 6 years.

loses touch with friends

11. When Mrs. Robinson tried to give her a piece of her mind, she threw her glass of drink on her (Mrs. Robison’s) face. That proves she won’t share her guy with anyone.

ana steele angry

12. She wore panties though she stole them from Grey’s wardrobe but like a sanskaari girl, she remembered she was supposed to wear one.

wore panties

13. She accepted Grey’s gifts like we all do – refuse and then accept!

grey gifts her a car

14. She gets furious because Grey hadn’t asked for her step dad’s permission when he asked her to marry him.

gets furious

So according to the standards that we have set for an ideal sanskaari bahu, she does fit in perfectly, don’t you think? Leave your comments below!

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