#Miracle – Baby delivered in a train toilet in Rajasthan survives even after falling on the track

India Today reported that a woman named Mannu was travelling yesterday on Barmer Kalka Express from Suratgarh to Hanumangarh with her husband and mother. This woman, who was pregnant, got labor pains in the train itself and she delivered a baby in the train’s toilet.

This was appalling – the newborn slipped through the pipe and fell on the railway track. But as they say, miracles do happen. The woman was unconscious due to the heavy delivery and she was taken to a hospital. Later, the new born was spotted by a worker of the Food Corporation of India warehouse on the tracks. He informed the railway authorities at Dabli Rathan, after he heard the baby crying.

The baby was rescued, taken to a hospital and saved. It was handed over to the mother.

This news is sourced from India Today

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