What this guy’s dog and he did after his wife left him tragically will make you smile bright

Visual artist and photographer Rafael Mantesso, from São Paulo, Brazil had the worst 30th birthday anyone could imagine. His wife left him on his birthday and she took everything from their apartment- the furniture, the cookware, the photo frames that hung on the walls.

But, the only thing she left Rafael is his bull terrier, Jimmy!

terrier and master

Jimmy taught his daddy various life lessons.

terrier yolo

The two spent most of the time together in their apartment.

terrier watching tv

They lived more like men than a dog and his master.


Jimmy also tried to entertain his dad to make him feel better.

terrier playing the piano

Rafael and Jimmy got famous with their doodles.

terrier in the shower

Jimmy posed as Rafael worked on creating fabulous art pieces.

manly terrier

It all started when he once found his cutesy pet sleeping and he Rafael started to doodle it.

terrier dressed as a lady

The two share a deep bond that will go till eternity.


No doubt, a pet can help heal hearts. What is your story?

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