Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer released and it reeks of more ultron

Marvel finally served all its superhero fans the much awaited Avengers: Age of Ultron’s first trailer!

The original video was set to release during Thursday’s episode of American Crime, however the demands of unlocking the video on twitter led to an early release. The trailer introduces the ultron loaded villain, an artificially intelligent robot who turns against his creator, Tony Stark to win the world. We will all hear James Spader’s voice whenever we will hear the baddie talk.

Robert Downey and Avengers’ official Facebook handles showcased the new trailer a few hours ago.

robert downey

avengers official page

Here’s the too good to be true trailer of the much awaited Avengers movie.

To kill this potential threat, all the avengers will gang up to kick this baddie’s ass. The film is slated to realease on May Day!

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