PM Modi’s another innovation: launched to track government employees

Tech savvy Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has innovated one more test to pass for the government employees after his ‘Make In India’ and ‘Clean India’ campaigns. Yes, one more new innovative thing! May be after decades there is somebody, or we should say something which would keep a track on government employees whose work was generally seen as lethargic. To keep an eye on its employees the central government has launched a website named

Using UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India), they have launched Biometric Attendance System (BAS) to track employee attendance and timings. Guess what, India is going on the right track after decades. Oops, mistake here. AFTER CENTURIES :D

Government employees would work now! Let’s see what exactly is there for them in this newly launched website:

1. This is how the home page appears

2. Wanna know the number of government employees and the organisations? Here’s the information

3. This really shows the attendance, authenticity and the dedication of the employees :P 1

4. Just one word. #Maza-aa-gaya 2

5. Nothing can be hidden now, Your daddy’s here #Namo. 3

Sign of relief! Our country is in good hands and hope it remains this way, the way better leaders lead. All the best government employees, your life is going to change now, and so will, for every Indian if these innovations continues and reach successful zenith.

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