An ATM like machine invented in India to let women report a rape anonymously

In a country where women are often surfaced under sexual attacks, Inspector General of Police in the northeastern city of Bhubaneswar, Joydeep Nayak’s invention may save lives. It is known to people that women are either forced to complaint the crime to the police station by the family or the crime  goes away unnoticed along with the culprit! 

In India women are often blamed for rape and other sexual crimes and this is the reason many women bury their pain deep inside them and live with the truth. But there are people who really wish to change the scenario. Mr. Joydeep Nayak has spearheaded the creation of the Instant Complaint Logging Internet Kiosk, an electronic booth that allows a woman to safely report a crime.

“Women were being denied a fundamental right because of this fear of going to the police. Why should they need someone’s help to do something so basic?”, Nayak told the Toronto StarThe machine has a unique characteristics of recording the audio for women who are illiterate, a keyboard for typed reports and a scanner which can scan the report.


“The fact that women are put off from going to a police station to file a complaint masks the real scale of the problem of violence. We don’t have the real figures. If we had these kiosks all over, we would then know the true picture,” said Mamta Sharma to the star chair of the National Commission for Women in New Delhi.

Mr. Nayak has a dream of installing more ICLICK machines in railway stations, bus stations and in schools where women can walk in, make a complaint and leave without any hassle. A woman just has to go to the bank where ICLICK is been in installed, type or speak aloud about the crime. The machine would give out a slip which she can use to track the progress of the complaint. Meanwhile, the complaint would be sent to the relevant police station to be acted on.

Manju Mitra, a woman who was been harassed and threatened to be killed by her husband is in a condition where if she reports the crime, he will manage to flee and so she reported the crime through this machine. She wishes that more women are aware of this facility.

Now that such great inventions are being installed in India, do you think the culprits would be unaware about this fact that if not police station, ICLICK is the machine which may disclose their crime? I doubt that these machines would run for a long time as that would be the second target of the culprits after committing the crime. What do you have to say on this new initiative, will it really help women open up and help themselves?

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