Young artist paints on dry autumn leaves; creates magnificent pieces of art

Art is beautiful and to make a piece of art is to create beauty! Many artists have found themselves using creatives ways to make art. From Stephen Stum and Jason Hallman’s stunning art pieces made of strips of canvas, to artist Jacqueline Poirier’s brilliant works of creativity on ceramic plates, every artist has found and embarrassed their unique style. Famous Polish artist Joanna Wirazka makes beautiful art pieces with brilliant colours and shades on a unique canvas. For the artist, her canvas is a dry autumn leaf with natural shades of red, orange and yellow. Here are art pieces are so beautiful, they will leave you awe-inspired.

1. The self taught artist’s message for her followers is “try to find real art everywhere and let it inspire you.”

joanna-wirazka-paints on leaves_6

2. “Art makes world better and more beautiful. Try to find real art everywhere and let it inspire you,” the artist says on her Instagram profile

joanna-wirazka-paints on leaves_5

3. Empire State Building, magic night in New York

joanna-wirazka-paints on leaves_4

4. A galaxy which have been painted on the leaf!
joanna-wirazka-paints on leaves_3

5. New York City, 1st leaf: Empire State Building, 2nd leaf: yellow taxi and Chrysler Building, 3rd leaf: Wall Street.

joanna-wirazka-paints on leaves_2

Joanna is one young artist who is high on creativity. After posting the above 3 leaves, she wrote: I’m going to do series about big cities this week. Next is London. Despite the fact that I don’t live in New York, sometimes during the painting I felt like I’m there, just for a moment.”

6. “Street of New York. I’ve done it with acrylic paints.”

joanna-wirazka-paints on leaves_1

7. Galaxy Leaf Part 3

joanna-wirazka-paints on leaves_7

8. High by the beach!

joanna-wirazka-paints on leaves_8

9. All I need is this paradise.

joanna-wirazka-paints on leaves_10

10. Bonus! The artist even tried painting on the wood.

joanna-wirazka-paints on leaves_9

You can follow  Joanna Wirazka on Instagram here.