The Air India Maharaja is no more generous. Staff displays appalling behaviour

What happens when hospitality is of no value in the hospitality industry?

India’s reputed Airlines, Air India displayed an appalling behavior with its passengers. The airline passengers reported that they had received ‘an SMS from Air India’ asking its passengers to reach the airport 45 minutes before the departure.

The passengers who shared this video had reached 55 minutes before the departure to board the flight, the popularly known to address its passenger’s grievances and sensitive issues airlines, Air India refused to let anybody in because they reached 5 minutes later than the 60 minutes rule according to the staff member who also neglected the fact that the passengers had received an SMS from the airlines. We could also see a girl crying because her mother was fighting for her life.

What do you think about this incident? Is the so-called generous airlines serving its customers correctly? How many times have you been refused to board the flight even if you have reached before and have ample time to board your flight? Share your experiences in the comments section below.