AIB comedian Abish Mathew asked to leave the show for his offensive jokes

While most of us found the AIB’s roast on Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor funny, NSFW, hilarious and fresh, some of us did get offended with the sexist jokes. Abish Mathew was asked to leave by angry students during his performance at New Law University’s annual fest Kairos, Delhi.

A couple of students walked out of the show while Abish was making the audience laugh with his jokes around women driving, using social media, Punjabi women, etc. The students eventually returned with placards that read,  ‘Get out, you sexist pig’. This is a total shocker because a few months back majority of the youth stood up to support AIB when they were asked to take down their controversial roast video.

AIB has received the golden YouTube play button for reaching a milestone of 1 million subscribers on their channel.

Every comedians’s job is to crack silly-nasty jokes on the matters which interest his audience the most. The man was only doing his job. Looks like, a few among us have taken their jokes way too seriously. Abish did speak to those students calmly and ended the show saying, “Clearly I’ve overstayed my welcome”.

We wonder what will become of our country when one day we find out all the joke tellers have left the country and we will have no one to make us laugh.  Are we becoming too sensitive to handle jokes, or we are misinterpreting them?

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