6 ways Chitrangda Singh teaches you how to kill someone in ‘Aao Raja’ from Gabbar is Back

The new flick, Gabbar is Back with the very well known Bollywood “Khiladi“, Akshay Kumar and the gorgeous, Shruti Hassan has released its newest item number “Aao Raja” with Chitrangda Singh. Like any other item number’s indecent moves, Chitrangda is seen slapping her ass at the words- Aao Raja as she lip-sings the beat-loaded song. Honey Singh and Neha Kakkar have worked together on this song which will soon become a great song to dance on in the night clubs however, the song lyrics seem more like a tutorial on how to kill someone in ten minutes. Don’t believe what I am suggesting? Read on, baby!

1. “Kundi mat khadkao raja, Seedha andar aao raja”

Now, what do we make out of it? The lady is clearly telling us if you want to kill someone there is no point knocking at door.

kundi mat khadkao raja

2.“Cool sa perfume laga ke. Mood banao taaja taaja.”

She is referring to Chloroform. It is better to make your victim dose off so that you can drag him to the grave easily. 

Cool sa perfume laga ke


3. “Main tera jaanu, tu ban meri jaan, Aaj nikalunga tere praan”

Of course, these words for a psychotic killer. With the lyrics like, Aaj nikalunga tere praan- Do you under stand what I mean? This is no item song.

Aaj nikalunga tere praan

4. “Teer lagega nishaane pe jaa ke”

Remember, how Tyrion Lannister killed his father? With a bow and arrow- Does that ring a bell?

Teer lagega nishaane pe jaa ke

5. “Mazaa utha le baby aaj raat ka. Bulb jagaa ke zero watt ka”
A clear warning before the kill!

Bulb jagaa ke zero watt ka

6. “Laaj-sharam ka parda hata de”

When you got to kill, you got to kill! There is no point having so many hang ups. :|

If you are thinking the song is on the similar lines of the other item songs like, Chatt pe soya tha behnoi or Meri desi look pe mar gaye chorey, you are a fool.

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