You won’t believe what this crazy fan did for Yuvraj Singh

Yesterday fans of Yuvraj Singh across the nation were shocked to find out that Yuvraj Singh’s new friend is not an actress like Shraddha Kapoor or Alia Bhat, but Huma Anjum, a product manager of UC Browser. This happened when a female fan went an extra ‘click’ to get the attention of cricket heartthrob Yuvraj Singh! The girl, named Huma Anjum works for UC Browser as a Product Manager and is apparently, a really huge fan of Yuvraj Singh. It all began when Huma took the liberty to upload a quiz on the UC Cricket of UC Browser. The quiz asked people to guess Yuvraj Singh’s latest girlfriend with options of Shardha Kapoor, Alia Bhat and Huma Anjum herself. When people clicked on any of the options, it showed Huma as the right answer.

crazy yuvi fan 1

Tens of millions Indian users use UC Browser everyday, and the quiz created a shockwave across the country. Many fans were shocked and shared their confusion on Twitter by mentioning it to @YUVSTRONG12. The buzz quickly got Yuvi’s attention. Of course, the news did not go down well with Yuvraj who took to twitter to retort to the news saying, “Just noticed something on the phone! Koi batayega yeh Huma kaun hai?”. Huma then posted a video via Twitter, apologizing to Yuvraj. She confessed that she is crazy about him and hopes to meet him some day.

crazy yuvi fan 2

Let’s hope that Yuvraj takes the whole prank in a lighter vein and obliges to his pretty fan with a meeting.

Check out Huma’s video message for Yuvraj here and tell us what you think about it!