What this 99 year old Grandma does for the unfortunate kids will melt your heart

After watching this video, I already feel old, because what this lady does, has made my back ache. This 99 year old lady, who should be resting in her bed, playing bingo or even reading spiritual books has a schedule, not to attend a church but to touch the god’s heart in a unique way.

Where people in Africa are struggling for food and water, clothing is a luxury, Lillian Webber, in spite of her age has proved that age is just a number. She makes one dress per day, everyday for some needy kid she might have never meet in Africa.

After watching this heart warming video, all I can say is that, in the age of playing with her own grand kids, she is being a grandmother to those deprived kids in Africa, who might not know her name, but the blessings that’ll come from their hearts will be the true reward for this Angel!