30 types of stunning selfies which we all love to take!

You know what is the latest Fad? Clicking selfies! So much is the growing trend of selfies, that one must be a pro by now to click various types of selfies.

In case you’re not, be a selfie- pro now with this awesome list of selfies and click one for each type (Except #30)! Behold thy self. Here we reveal the glorious SELFIE-SUTRA to you. So go on, click all of these and share them with us!

1. I am fun to be with selfie!
You click yourself making the sweetest and cutest faces ever.

fun to be withSource

2. Winky selfie!
You are single and you want to draw all cool boys towards yourself through your naughty winky selfie.


3. Meet my gorgeous side
I am a party goer, I like to let my hair down and when I dress up, I dress to kill. Don’t agree? See my gorgeous side selfie.


4. Psycho selfie
What? You still don’t think I am gorgeous? Here comes my psycho selfie. Now, tell me you do!


5. At work selfie
You like to click yourself on duty! You love your crisp and good looking work clothes and you know you look yummy in them. This is the work selfie.


6. My newlook selfie
Checkout my new hair dye and my new look. I call it, the ‘don’t-I-look-good-selfie’.


7. Creepy selfie
This selfie creeps the living shit out of you.


8. Weirdo selfie
You are different from the others and you are proud of it. We too!


9. My pets’ selfie
You love the surprised expression of your pet and you can’t help but expose them to your phone’s front camera for that awesomely adorable reaction.


10. The party selfie
You get the party started and no party is complete without a party selfie with your girlies.


11. Born villain selfie
Boy, you love to hold that villain’s expression and take selfies, don’t you?


12. The scary selfie
Dar ke aagey selfie hai! Scary selfies can be shot when a group of muggers is running behind you with knives or when stray dogs are running after you to bite into that soft fleshy part of your thigh or click one like this man did.


13. The secretly taken selfie
You just spotted that big celebrity who you really need a picture with but you pretend like you are taking your selfie because you are too shy to ask them and then, CLICK CLICK. Done! You strategically add them to your selfie! Mission accomplished! This is going to Facebook, twitter, insta and…


14. Fan selfie
It is simple! You ran into your favorite celeb and you are not going to let them go until they click a selfie with you. :D Here is the famous footballer, Mario Balotelli with fans.

fan and icon selfieSource

15. Wild life selfie!
Clicking pictures with photogenic wild cats is your secret obsession!

traveller selfie 2Source

16. Two big men selfie!
When you meet a friend who is as famous as you are, you click a selfie. Like this Federer and Jordan selfie.

two big celebrities selfieSource

17. Look where I am selfie!
You want people to know you are going places so you click a selfie!

look at the amazing scene behind me selfieSource

18. Fitness selfie
You work hard at the gym. Exercising and staying fit are your passions plus you get all the female attention. ;)

fitness selfieSource

19. Graduation selfie
I graduated mommy! Yippie! Calls for a selfie.

graduation selfieSource

20. The ridiculous, bedroom selfie
A selfie to say we are faithful, we sleep with each other!

bedroom selfieSource

21. Morning dew fresh selfie!
This is how I look when I get my much needed 8 hours sleep. Nonsense!

had a good night sleepSource

22. Divorce selfie
To say- ‘good riddance’ and we are cool after the divorce.

divorce slefieSource

23. Pregnant selfie
To announce pregnancy.


24. Death-defying selfies or crazy height selfies
No words!

25. Travel selfie
To show your love for travelling.


26. Selfie at Funeral
Umm… no, don’t go for this selfie.


27. After sex selfies
Well! This is definitely happening in India but it not reaching our Facebook and twitter accounts.

after sex selfieSource

28. With my pet selfie
You love your dog (baby) so much you can’t resist yourself clicking you both together.


29. Oscar Selfie
This can only happen at the Oscars. The Indian award show or any other version doesn’t match it! In case you happen to be at the Oscars, you may want to take this one.


30. The selfie gone wrong selfie!
You know why it is wrong. ;) Maybe, you would not want to take this one.


The list doesn’t include- I am sad selfie, I just cried selfie, my new lip stick selfie, etc. They all seemed too normal to me. But if you like to add any new or wacky selfie idea, go ahead, click a selfie and comment below.

Here I sign out with my desi look selfie!


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