8 quotes from 50 Shades Of Grey that suggest the book is centered around sexual abuse and domestic violence

The much anticipated movie this Valentine’s Day, 50 Shades Of Grey as we all know, is based on the idea of two individuals playing the roles of a sub and dominant partner in their contract of becoming BDSM partners with strictly ‘no romance’. The book talks about many outrageously abusive play sessions between Christian Grey and Anastasia Steel which in its slightest sense also suggest domestic abuse and violence. A thoughtful writer with the tumblr handle named, the sixth siren of pandora shared the quotes from the book to suggest that the book is not just kinky but suggests abusive sex.


alaska is very cold


christ ana


He narrows his eyes


No please I can't do this




so you felt demeaned


stalker and abusive


you need to learn to manage my expectations

The account owner is probably right! What do you think?

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