8 and a half month pregnant with killer abs! This 30 year-old lingerie model has taken the world by storm

30 year-old lingerie model, Sarah Stage is giving all the mommies a big time competition. The super fit model is 8 and a half month’s pregnant but you can’t tell.

sarah stage 2

The model has become a sensation since she started to document her baby’s progress and her changing body shape over the months. The real deal is that the mommy-to-be is as good as any non pregnant woman if you look at her.

sarah stage 3

Who would believe she has a baby bump along with abs!

sarah stage 5

Now this is the world’s fittest mommy-to-be!

sarah stage 6

Here’s Sarah sharing her baby’s progress on instagram.

sarah stage

Sarah is not just enjoying being pregnant but is also taking up work/shoot assignments and posing along with her baby.

sarah stage 4

The cool mama is in deed having a great time with her baby bump.

The only thing that we want all the mothers to remember is no matter how they looked during their pregnancy, they were and still are beautiful. Sarah is just a mother who kept her fitness regime and  diet in balance and control though she does indulge in fast food once in a while.

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