This 60-year-old woman who’s a sweeper has a powerful message for everyone who likes to litter

We have all been there – littering. Many of us can argue that we do it only when there are no dustbins around. You know what can be done in such a case? You can put your stuff in your bag and throw it when you do find a dustbin. It’s really simple.

Humans of Bombay shared a story of 60-year-old woman who’s a sweeper. In this post, she talks about her life and how she has proudly been doing her part in keeping the country clean. What hit us the most was the message in the end that she’d like to give the fellow Indians. read it here:

“I’ve been a sweeper since 30 years, and since 2 years I make my own brooms. A lot of people ask me why I continue to…

Posted by Humans of Bombay on Friday, April 1, 2016