6 posters that show the reality of every matrimonial ad posted on matrimonial sites

What do you look for in your life partner? What qualities? What purpose are they supposed to fulfill in your life? Do you have a matrimonial account? Do they really give out the message that someone needs a life partner or if someone is looking for a wealthy bride or an NRI groom so their spouses could settle out of the country. Hourdose brings the reality of all the matrimonial websites and you should give it a watch.

1. Wanted!- Bride who can cook and can take care of her kids! 

wanted bride 2

2. Wanted!- Bride who could cook!

wanted bride 3

3.  Wanted! – A fair bride!

wanted bride

4. Wanted! – Groom who is either a doctor or an engineer!

wanted groom 2

5. Wanted! A Hindu groom! We do not allow our daughters do inter-caste marriage.

wanted groom 4

6. Wanted!- Groom who owns a big bungalow and a big car. 

wanted groom

What do you have to say about these posters?