30 #IncredibleIndia tweets PM Modi received to make you realize how gorgeous India is

We have to admit that Narendra Modi is the only PM who understands the power of social media. On 31st May PM Modi invited all his followers to share beautiful scenic pictures of India with the hashtag- #IncredibleIndia to give Indian Tourism the boost and visibility that it deserves.

Everyone has been tweeting to PM Modi with gorgeous pictures of India. A few users also admitted that by sending these tweets to PM has made them realize how beautiful India is. As promised, PM Modi is retweeting and favouriting all the tweets.

We have made a collection of 30 most delightful tweets along with the pictures that Modi’s followers shared with him.

1. The breathtaking Arunachal Pradesh. 

2. Incredible Rajasthan!

3. Hemkunt Sahib Gurudwara

4. The beauty of Madhya Pradesh!

5. Must visit Tamil Nadu

 6.  Modi’s home state, Gujarat is a delight!

7. The soulful Spiti Valley

8. Harayana

9. The pride of Maharashtra

10. The charming Cherrapunji

11. Udaipur, Rajasthan

12. Kinnaur, blessed with magnificent mountains and valleys

13. Must see Chattisgarh

14. Singer, Adnan Sami shared his pictures from his recent trip to Kashmir

15. Sikkim

16. The gorgeous ghat in Kokatta

17. Ladakh

18. A random picture taken by one of the PM’s followers

19. Hampi

20. The symbol of Love

21. Kinnar Kailash

22. A traveler shared his picture taken at the Golden Temple. 

23. Did you know that Jodhpur topped Lonely Planet’s list of most extraordinary places in 2o14? 

24. Ever been to Munnar?  Now you will. :)

25. Temples of Hampi

26. Anupam Kher too shared an image of Kashmir

27. Bodhgaya, Bihar

28. Medak Church in Telangana is a delight to the sored eyes

29. Marina Beach, Chennai

30. Leh


PM Modi is also sharing some of his favourite photos from the tweets he has been receiving since the day he invited Twitterati to share the pictures on his Facebook handle. The album looks lovely.

Glimpses of #IncredibleIndia

Posted by Narendra Modi on Tuesday, June 2, 2015


It is decided, before travelling around the world, we will first see our #IncredibleIndia .